Window and Glass Repair

Foggy or Cracked Windows? WOW Windows and Glass is Helping You to See Clearly!


Broken Glass

Broken glass is usually an unexpected inconvenience. We understand the urgency of these issues and can fix any broken glass in your home in a timely manner. We are capable of matching any type of glass, decorative grid pattern, and shape. If needed, we also offer “emergency” glass repair services.

Failed Seals or Foggy Glass

 If your windows look cloudy or have condensation in between the panes of glass- the thermal seal has failed. Failed seals are more than just an eye sore. The glass units in your home are no longer insulated, and therefore your home is less energy efficient. You DO NOT have to replace the entire window to fix this issue! We can repair the window by replacing the fogged glass unit with a new insulated glass unit and new vinyl trim. All of our insulated glass units come with a 10 year warranty against seal failure, and we warranty all of our labor. We recycle all of the glass that we remove from projects. We offer free inspections and estimates on foggy glass repair to homeowners, and can fix these issues quickly in most cases. 

Low-E Glass Upgrades

 If you want to upgrade the efficiency of your home or update the look you DO NOT have to replace your windows! We can install low-E insulated glass units in the existing window frames at your house at a fraction of the cost of full replacement windows. 

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